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Hidden Deadly 2013: The Relaunchening

Hello! Hidden Deadly is back from a lovely nap, with a new logo and website.

It’s been a while since we released A Lower Power (which you should check out if you haven’t); life and stuff, you know. But now we have a few things on horizons of varying distance.

  • A podcast. Everybody’s doin’ ’em, and now so are we! In Old v. Gold, we and various friends will watch movies and TV shows we remember from younger times, to find out if our fondness for them is just nostalgia or if they’re genuinely good. We have a few episodes in the can and will be sharing them soon. Watch this space.
  • A new short film, about time, love, and choices in the face of disaster. Hope to have that done by year’s end.
  • Star Squire. It remains something we very much want to make, in some form, but it’s a big project for which we still have to align energy, resources, and connections. Hoping to get it off the ground finally in ’14; before we do, we may manage some more brief visits to the world of Star Squire and his enemy Quin-ton.

We also hope to be more constantly active with some fun little detours. Robert is working on such a thing at this very moment (while I, Tim, type this and finish up the website — which, for those who care about such things, uses responsive design to handle most devices with one site).

Beyond Film (Whatever That Is)

As some of our projects suggest, our focus is on the future with a foot in the past. To that end, we’ve posted higher-resolution versions of our first efforts, CrossWalk and The Point of Boxes.

Also, note our new tag line: “Independent Visual Storytelling.” We still will call ourselves “filmmakers” for convenience’s sake, but what is a “film” anymore? There is so much possibility now beyond the traditional two-hour-or-so hope-for-theatrical presentation. We’re excited to get back to playing in that big sandbox. And we hope you follow us as we do.