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Poster for Old v. Gold Season 2 finale

Old v. Gold Preview: a Force-ful Season 2 Finale

No new podcast this week, because we’re too busy prepping for …

The Two-Part Old v. Gold Season 2 Finale Star Wars Smackdown Spectacular!

Over the next two weeks, we’ll take a look back, as best we can through Lucas’ relentless meddling, at the two movies that started it all — Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back (the only titles by which we recognize them). We’ll not only give each film the usual Old or Gold vote, but at the end of Part 2, we’ll tackle the question that jedis and droids alike have been wrestling with since the dawn of the Republic: which of the two movies is better, the zippy original adventure or its darker follow-up?

And, accompanying the usual audio podcast for each episode will be a shorter video version! Joining us for our first foray into talking about movies on camera will be past podcast panelists and fellow filmmakers H.P. Mendoza and Mark Del Lima of Ersatz Film.

The schedule:

  • Tuesday, March 17 — Old v. Gold 221: Star Wars — video and full-length audio
  • Tuesday, March 24 — Old v. Gold 222: The Empire Strikes Back — also video and full-length audio!

And with that, we’ll wrap the season. Thanks for joining us, and meet us next week on Tatooine!