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Old v. Gold 219: Contact

In Robert Zemeckis’ 1997 film Contact, a child raised in a single-tragedy household grows up to be Jodie Foster and a scientist listening for signals from extraterrestrials, which are tough to hear over all the mansplaining directed at her.

Last year’s Interstellar reminded us of this movie in a lot of ways, good and bad, and not just in both films’ McConaugheyness. Now we see whether the earlier film actually broadcasts a strong signal across 18 light-years. Regardless, Tim will hurt you if you talk during the movie’s opening sequence.

She doesn’t ever react to it, she’s just like, “Oh, FINE, I’m gonna go make a mix tape that expresses my angst.”

Podcasters: Robert, Tim, Dana, Justin

  • 00:00 Intro and Memories
  • 12:50 Half-Assed Recap
  • 18:03 Reflections on Cinematography
  • 22:51 Exciting Science! (And Its Natural Enemy, “Faith”)
  • 28:57 The Club of Meaning
  • 32:09 A Surplus of John Hurt
  • 39:50 Mainly on the Mansplain
  • 46:38 Sufficently Advanced Technology
  • 52:18 The Vote

Next Week’s Assignment

Alien wraps your face in its cinematic embrace.

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