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Old v. Gold 212: Independence Day

It’s interstellar attackers vs. the world — read U!S!A! — in Roland Emmerich’s 1996 epic-wannabe Independence Day. Actors who were famous then, and some who have become famous and infamous since, chew through the explosion-laced scenery and cash their big fat alien-invasion paychecks. Can Jeff Goldblum work his magic and make this movie worth it, or will he be overpowered by Will Smith’s quips? And what do those mean old space folk have against our tourist landmarks, anyway?

Here’s our ten minutes of concentrated Jewish chutzpah.

Podcasters: Robert, Tim, Joanna, Justin

  • 00:00 Intro and Memories
  • 19:33 Really Rapid Recap
  • 21:04 Monuments, Man
  • 24:38 Baked Full of Fear
  • 28:01 Who Did(n’t) the Movie Offend?
  • 34:43 Let’s Talk About Values
  • 37:16 Goldblum!
  • 40:13 President Pullman
  • 45:03 Data the Dubious Scientist
  • 52:32 The Vote

Next Week’s Assignment

Put on your quirky bathrobe and pop up a big batch of plot-significant popcorn for Real Genius.

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