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Old v. Gold 211: RoboCop

Say “yes, cyborg officer” to 1987’s RoboCop, whose near-future science fiction trades in such preposterous notions as a crippled Detroit, unethical corporate overseers, and constantly referring to videoclips that are only a few seconds long. How does the movie’s satirical ultraviolence hold up a quarter-century (and one remake we didn’t see) later?

Also, in the next few days when you hear everyone buzzing about the “Nancy Allen mimosa sketch,” this is the podcast they’re talking about.

Oh look, an evil corporation controls everything, well duh. And maybe it wasn’t as duh back then, but it’s certainly duh now.

Podcasters: Robert, Tim, Sam

  • 00:00 Intro and Memories
  • 12:37 Rapid Recap
  • 19:56 Second (or First) First Impressions
  • 24:17 Newscasters and Other Villains
  • 28:17 The Future Is Now
  • 30:31 Disturbances
  • 34:57 What We’d Add
  • 37:53 Police, Scientists, and Gender Roles
  • 43:48 The Vote

Next Assignment

Old v. Gold is taking a couple of weeks off for the holidays, returning with a new episode on Tuesday, Jan. 6. That gives you plenty of time to watch our lengthy next subject: Independence Day.

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