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Old v. Gold 207: Heathers

It’s back to high school yet again for the proto-Mean Girls: 1988’s Heathers, which brings us a brightly colored yet pitch-black tale of cliques and power. Does this movie still have something relevant to say between its beloved slang and zingers? Has it lost its edge over time, or actually become edgier? Why does every character live in a mansion? All in all, what’s Heathers‘ damage?

I do love that we’re talking about the Heathers as if they’re Power Rangers.

Podcasters: Robert, Tim, Danny, Jack, Mike, Rich

  • 00:00 Intro and Memories
  • 15:26 Rapid Recap
  • 20:51 Second/First/Second Impressions
  • 29:16 Cliques and Class
  • 40:28 Little Touches
  • 43:24 Teenage Suicide (Don’t Do It)
  • 48:05 Dystopia High
  • 52:00 Fashion as Character
  • 58:58 The Vote

Next Week’s Assignment

Jurassic Park in mirror is closer than it appears.

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