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Old v. Gold 203: The Abyss

Remember that movie about sinking oceancraft that James Cameron made? No, not that one — The Abyss, the 1989 deep-seacret movie with Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. We dive in (HA!) to the 171-minute special edition, to solve such mysteries as what mysterious deep-ocean creatures might look like (answer: glowing vibrators); whether the Bechdel Test works underwater (answer: yes and no); and which suspenseful moments were the results of great acting and which were from Cameron being a jerk (answer: mostly B).

My least favorite character was Michael Biehn’s mustache.

Podcasters: Robert, Tim, Dana, Kathleen

  • 00:00 Intro and Memories
  • 16:27 Rapid Recap
  • 20:00 War Is Bad (and So Is the Ending)
  • 23:25 Women Underwater
  • 29:50 Sea Madness, Rat Madness, Director Madness
  • 35:14 Visuals and Music
  • 42:37 Character Moments
  • 50:30 Cameronworld
  • 55:55 The Vote

Next Week’s Assignment

Who ya gonna call? Someone who has access to the movie Ghostbusters, because that’s what we’re watching for Halloween week.

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