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Old v. Gold 121: Logan’s Run

A bunch of us black-palms get together and set our analytical lasers to beautify and/or brutally dissect Logan’s Run, the iconic 1976 sci-fi tale in which the color-coded denizens of a future Epcot Center live an erotically convenient, hermetically sealed life — then die a state-mandated, Cirque du Soleilesque death at 30. And for those who enjoy old people rambling and naming their cats, there’s the second half of the movie.

I guess once you can beam sex people into your apartment, maybe you don’t need TV and cameras anymore?

Podcasters: Robert, Tim, Mark, Mary Ellen, Rich

  • 00:00 Intro and Memories
  • 14:03 After the Viewing: Sexy Book Time
  • 22:59 Logan’s Runway
  • 29:39 The Robot in the Ice Palace, and Other Future Fails
  • 39:01 Dragging Out of the Dome
  • 44:32 Our Dream Remake
  • 50:20 The Vote

Next Week’s Assignment

Start getting psyched up for the next Olympics with Chariots of Fire.

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