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Old v. Gold 117: Twin Peaks “Pilot”

Old v. Gold goes on location for the pilot episode of Twin Peaks. Not the location — that’s in Washington and/or fictional. Instead, we huddle in a shaky house among the redwoods of Northern California to view David Lynch’s groundbreaking 1990 mix of surrealism, humor, terror, and donuts. Think of this podcast as “Diane” if it helps.

Sure there’d be an ethereal singer at the biker bar. Why not?

Podcasters: Robert, Tim, April, Mary Ellen

  • 00:00 Intro and Memories
  • 15:23 After the Viewing: Timeless Genius
  • 24:36 Casting Magic
  • 31:51 Quirky Characters
  • 37:48 Standards and Practices and Populations
  • 43:05 The Vote

Next Week’s Assignment

Join us in castle times when knights were proud and tables were round: it’s Excalibur!

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