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Old v. Gold 114: Year in Review 2013

On this New Year’s Eve, we commemorate the year and podcasts gone by … by doing a podcast completely differently than we’ve done all year! There’s no movie or show to view! Instead, we gathered a few of our podcasters past and future to not just bring you updates on the oldies that we nostalgiamacated this year, but also share our favorite (and not-so-much) movies, series, and trends of 2013. Herewith, the meatiest chunks of our sprawling conversation.

Let’s do everything but like, bigger and heartier and more gravy.

Podcasters: Robert, Tim, Dana, Danny, Jack, Mary Ellen

  • 00:00 Titanic Intro
  • 04:09 Fave Films of ’13
  • 14:31 Reboots and Remakes/Whither Wonder Woman?
  • 19:20 Podcast Updates: Chasing Goonies
  • 34:33 The Age of CGI
  • 37:36 LadyHawke Revisited
  • 42:31 The Votes So Far
  • 46:43 TV and the Web
  • 54:30 Nobody’s Safe/Zombie Overkill
  • 1:00:15 Shows with Big Bad Problems
  • 1:10:38 Lose the Footage, Find the Story

Learn More About It!

Links to some of the lesser-known works and related tidbits we mention in this episode:

Next Week’s Assignment

Young River Phoenix and Ethan Hawke become Explorers. (For real this time.)

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