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Old v. Gold 101: The Goonies

Old v. Gold begins for realsies, and The Goonies ‘R’ good enough for the first episode — or ‘R’ they? Join us as we relive the adventures of young Josh Brolin, young Sean Astin, young Martha Plimpton, and old Throw Momma from the Train woman in Richard Donner’s 1985 examination of child safety, eminent domain, and the complex funeral arrangements of particular pirates.

Let’s just take a step back here and just contemplate the bad-guy character being named One-Eyed Willie.

Podcasters: Robert, Tim, April, David

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 08:10 Before the Movie
  • 15:19 After the Movie
  • 35:58 The “Vote”

Next Week’s Assignment

Coming up in Episode 102: Fright Night. The original one, not the recent remake, which we’re sure is crappy because it’s a remake.

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