Ben (Bruno Kanter, left) and Patrick (Elan Freydenson) confront their relationships with a departed loved one in Hidden Deadly's 'The Point of Boxes.'

The Point of Boxes

Sean lived to keep his loved ones guessing. He held his practical, churchgoing brother, Ben, at an emotional distance, and put no-nonsense bartender Patrick through a manipulative mating game. Even after Patrick succumbed to Sean’s charms, Sean insisted they keep their relationship, and Sean’s sexual orientation, hidden from his family.

An intimate drama of subtle mood shifts and unspoken truths, The Point of Boxes shows what happens when an enigmatic man is no longer around to orchestrate his mysteries.

Sean (Wayne Webb) flirts with the bartender in Hidden Deadly's 'The Point of Boxes.'

Faced with the task of cleaning up Sean’s cluttered home, Patrick (Elan Freydenson) and Ben (Bruno Kanter) work as an uneasy team. But as Sean’s life is exhumed, grudges, suspicions and regrets simmer — and when they find a box Sean (Wayne Webb) has forbidden anyone to open, the tension between the two survivors erupts.

The Point of Boxes is directed by Robert O’Geen from Tim Bland‘s screenplay, based on a story by both. Chris Wetherell composed the original score.

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