Star Squire and his arch-enemy Quinton battle it out in test footage for 'Star Squire vs. the Destructo-Ray.'

Star Squire vs. the Destructo-Ray

What if back when you were a small boy in Japan, your hero was an alien in a silly outfit who defeated a cartoonish arch-villain bent on conquering Earth?

What if you grew up waiting for your childhood hero to return, wasting your life, driving away lovers and your gay best friend?

What if your childhood super-hero did return, and turned out to be not so super? And was so overconfident that he left all the work to his hot, lethal female sidekick?

Quin-ton's new lieutenant, Quone (Will McMichael), plots in a test scene for 'Star Squire vs. the Destructo-Ray.'

And what if the cartoonish arch-villain returned — this time, with a cool and cunning lieutenant and his buff “clone-troopers”?

Whom you unwittingly helped build the ultimate weapon that could destroy your planet?

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Poster for 'Star Squire vs. the Destructo-Ray'